BRB offer an experienced approach to classic car paint restoration which includes vintage car painting and repairs too. Classic cars are often valuable not just financially but have a sentimental value too.

We know how much your classic car means to you which is why we always take the utmost care and attention to detail when it comes to choosing your classic car paints or starting a classic car paint restoration project.

With the latest technology we can match your classic car paint codes exactly and apply them using unrivalled skill and expertise, leaving your classic car with the perfect paint finish that looks as good as the day it was manufactured, all those years ago.

Accidents Happen

Most classic car paints aren't used today on modern vehicles as their composition is different. It is because of this difference that it is essential to ensure your vintage car paint is matched by an expert. Even the tiniest difference in tone, shade or saturation can become immediately obvious to the eye.

At BRB we have the latest technology to match your classic car paint codes exactly, ensuring that the paint finish is seamless. In order to maintain the value of your classic car, it is highly important to make sure that any restoration work is carried out to very exacting standards. We have over 25 years' experience in exactly this.

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